Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wild Things by Clay Carmichael

Wild Things is an interesting read. It is about a girl who grew up with a mother who sounds like she was manic depressive and lived life either up and out with men or in bed in the dark. This girl, Zoe, has had to fend for herself for a long time. Her father was out of the picture from the beginning. The story begins when her mother dies and Zoe has been sent to live with an uncle she doesn't know. He is a recluse and was a famous surgeon at one point, but now just works in his barn on sculptures, for which he is somewhat famous. She is not used to trusting anyone and he is not used to loving anyone, as his wife died a few years ago. The two of them build a tentative relationship as she gets used to the rural area and people and she tries to tame a wild cat that lives in the woods. This story is about that growing relationship and the tests that the community offers, as well as the tests they throw at each other. It's a touching story of learning to love and trust.
Grades 5-8 Caudill 2013 nominee