Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Marshfield Dreams by Ralph Fletcher

This is an autobiographical memoir, so a collection of stories of Ralph as a young boy-from birth to about 11 I'd guess, although I'm not sure of the exact age. It is about life in an Americana that no longer exists, for sure: tales that can only stir the memories of these boys that grew up in Average-Smalltown, USA in the 1950's. I'm not sure how much kids today can relate but it has a very "Stand by Me" quality to it.  I didn't really enjoy it. I wanted it to have a bit more punch to it, be more interesting, have more action, emotion...something. Instead it seemed like a collection of stories from a very average kid. Some people like that, but I want a book to take me away somewhere I want to be and I have never wanted to be a boy or in Average-Smalltown, USA. Ha!

Ages 8-12