Sunday, July 9, 2017

Restart by Gordon Korman

Have you ever actually met an awful bully? I've read about them and I have met kids that had potential, but never a really mean person who destroys other kids just for kicks...but we all read about them, right? And I know bullies exist and can be very destructive but it's just never as easy and clean as it is in books. This book is no exception. The twist to this one is that the bully, Chase Ambrose, falls and hits his head, losing all memories of his life. As he returns to school and life, we get to see inside his head as well as a few other characters heads. His realization that he was a jerk and how he is feared and then his subsequent wrestling with who he really is is interesting. As always, Gordon Korman creates strong characters, albeit too stereotypical at times. An easy, entertaining read.
Grades 5-8