Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen

Guess what this one is about...an orphan! Man, there are so many books about orphans, but I suppose too much drama can’t happen with mom and dad around, so the main protagonist is an orphan. This orphan named Sage is feisty, a troublemaker and a loner. One day a man named Connor, well dressed and moneyed, enters the orphanage and leaves with Sage. Sage is joined by 4 other orphans, all the same age and eventually they learn of Connor’s plan. The kingdom in which they live, they learn, is in peril as the King, Queen and Prince have been murdered. This is not public knowledge and Connor is going to groom one of his orphans to pretend to be the youngest prince that went missing 4 years previously and take over the kingdom. His plan is dangerous, traitorous and treacherous and each boy is pitted against the others to rise to the challenge of acting like the missing prince. 

This is a well told tale, without any magical elements but is kings, castles and knights through and through. I enjoyed it. Grades 4-7