Wednesday, August 2, 2017

As Brave as You Are by Jason Reynolds

Genie and Ernie are two kids from Brooklyn whose parents take them to stay with their grandparents for a month. They haven’t visited their father’s parents in many years so aren’t familiar with them at all, plus the complete change from Brooklyn to the boonies of Virginia. Both of those are big enough adjustments and then Genie finds our after they arrive that their grandfather is blind. Learning more about his grandfather’s positive and negative characteristics helps make this novel seem real and from a kid’s perspective. Genie is a well developed character and he is very curious, making sure to write down his millions of questions as he goes through life so he can look them up when he has the chance. The adventures they have and the people they encounter are interesting and entertaining. I really enjoyed this little story of a tween’s eyes opening just a little wider about life as it’s gentle and doesn’t try too hard. Grades 4-7