Thursday, August 3, 2017

Goodbye Stranger by Rebecca Stead

This is a novel with 3 stories intertwined, sort of. There is the main one about a girl named Bridget, Bridge for short, who is trying her best to navigate 7th grade and all it's ups and downs. She has some really good friends, which helps, but they each have their weaknesses and working through all the mean, crazy and dumb things kids (including cyberbullying) do in middle school is a challenge. The other is an anonymous voice until the end and takes place all on one day but those chapters are interspersed into the others. The third are just letters from one character to his grandfather. Each character is interesting and a bit more nuanced than your typical "dumb girl book" as I call them. This is about teen angst and drama and being mean and picking yourself up, but tends to deal with it in a more honest way, although there is less overreacting than I think happens in real life. I enjoyed it as a fluffy piece that might help those middle school teenagers feel a bit better about themselves and what they are going through. Grades 5-8