Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Love, Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur

I have to tell you that this book was a tearjerker for me. It is an honest voice, a child's voice and a pained voice. The main character is Aubrey who is 11 and the book begins with her living in her house all alone because her mother left. Eventually we learn that Aubrey, her sister, mother and father were in a car accident and the father and sister died in the crash. The mother couldn't handle the guilt and the absences and rarely left bed or connected to anything. Aubrey tried to help her, clean, cook etc but one day the mom just left. Eventually Aubrey's Gram comes and helps Aubrey, eventually bringing her to live in Vermont. The rest of the book is about trying to find balance and peace and strength to move forward and deal with the anger. It's a really emotional book, for obvious reasons, and I highly recommend it for people that can handle that level of emotion. If you are particularly sensitive, you might want to hold off!
Grades 6-8 (because of content--reading level is lower) Caudill 2013 nominee