Friday, July 27, 2012

Travels of Thelonious-The Fog Mound by Susan Schade and Jon Buller

This is a cartoon/book where half the story is told through cartoons and half is through text. It is child's story and not really appropriate for sixth graders but was a light, entertaining read. It is a story of a chipmunk named Thelonious who is swept away by a river and ends up in a place called the City of Ruins. It is the place of chipmunk legends where the remnants of humans exist and gangs of predators rule the streets. After a few encounters with danger, he meets a friendly porcupine who reads and drives a scooter and together they discover a bear that makes and flies planes. All of them, through a few challenges, decide to fly to the Fog Mound which is where Olive the Bear is originally from, and drop off Thelonious on the way and the adventure continues.
Grades 3-4 Caudill 2013 Nominee