Monday, July 23, 2012

Schooled by Gordon Korman

C Average Middle School is a place where bullying is RAMPANT and being popular is everything, nothing like our own middle school, but certainly a place that must be someone's reality. In this tale, the story switches viewpoints as the action progresses so that each event is told from a different perspective. This makes for a fluid tale but each portion of the tale is completely biased by the storyteller. Basically, the premise is that in this school a super geek is elected 8th grade President and the rest of the student body tries to break that person down till they disappear from life--horrible really and hopefully not at all like most people's reality. This year, due to unforeseen circumstances, a brand new boy that was plucked from what seems to be a hippie's fantasy land and plopped smack down in the middle of middle school awfullness is who ends up being elected class president. Cap, as the boy is known, however refuses to be broken because he has a heart of gold and grew up without TV, phones, exposure to life outside his isolated farm. Will this middle school break him and turn him into one of them? That is the crux of the tale as it unfolds...Very idealistic/steretypical on both sides of the good and bad of middle school.
Grades 5-8